Top Scientist Hailed For Discovering World’s Smallest Micro Aggression

University Of Victoria – “We are all so excited,” said Anne Deitner, a researcher at UVic’s Micro Aggression laboratory, “I can’t overstate how important this find is.” For years, the M.A. lab has been monitoring equipment 100 feet beneath the campus in order to find elusive micro aggressions. “We needed to make sure the absurdly sensitive equipment was set up in a place where regular aggressions couldn’t interfere with the instruments. Micro aggressions can pass through matter, like our Earth, whereas regular aggressions are too big to do so. So with our detection equipment set up, we just had to wait.” On April 15th, 2016, three years after the experiment was set up, Dr. Deitner and her colleagues noticed a blip on the instruments. “I knew what we had found, I phoned everybody in the department personally. Well, except Ashley, I forgot to phone her. I didn’t mean to, she’s great, but it’s just easy to forget her sometimes.”

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