Democratic Party Begins Air Dropping Peer Reviewed Academic Journals On Red States

“It’s our last hope.” Says Senator Elizabeth Warren. “I hope they can read.” Unlike the Northern Star, many journalistic publications have been caught reporting lies as truth. This phenomenon has led to the prevalence of “Fake News,” which many believe helped get Donald Trump elected. The airlift operation is expected to cost over 22 million dollars and has been nicknamed “Operation: I hope they can read.”

Trump Responds to English Speaking Journalist in Russian

“They asked the question in English!” said Paul Hemsworth, a witness at the press conference. “What he did was so rude, he should be ashamed.” This is the latest scandal in a seemingly endless stream for the President-elect. The election was plagued by divisions in the parties and many Americans have damaged relations with their political counter parts. Residents of California, a state which voted overwhelmingly for Hilary Clinton, says it will be taking action to discourage Trump supporters from entering the state by lining its borders with peer-reviewed academic journals.