Trump Wears Black Face In Solidarity With Shooting Victims

America – “Let me say this,” said GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, “I am truly sorry for the victims of police shootings in America, it’s a tragedy. You know it really is.” Backstage at his rally, Mr. Trump had applied charcoal to his face, “I’m black, you’re black, we’re all black in times like this.” Social media has exploded with outrage upon seeing Mr. Trump in what is considered very distasteful makeup. “How is this real life?” Said Candace Belmont, a Black Lives Matter protester. “What the hell is going on?” Mr. Trump was advised by his staff to clean his face but he was reluctant to do so. “It’s just charcoal” said Trump, “I’m trying to show my support for the negro and the PC police try to shut me down again.”