Tupac Hologram Joins A-List Lion King Cast

It has been confirmed that the hologram of Tupac will be voicing a new character in the upcoming Lion King live action remake. Fans are excited to see how this new character will affect theĀ Lion KingĀ story. “I think Tupac hologram is gonna knock this sh** outta the park!” Posted twitter user @Dammmmmn1979. Disney has been praised for it’s diverse casting for the film. “We really wanted to include the deceased.” Said producer Jon Favreau. “They are very underrepresented in modern film. But if you look at older films from the 40’s, for example, most of those people are deceased. We’d love to see John Wayne make a comeback.” When asked to describe the new character Mr. Favreau replied, “it’s gonna be this little, super-jacked lion that raps and does interviews.”virtual_2pac4