More Hollywood Whitewashing: Shrek Played by a White, Non-Scottish Male.

Dreamworks studios has come under fire for casting a white man (Mike Myers) to play a green Scottish ogre in their new film, Shrek. Some Scottish Ogres have been taking to Twitter to voice their outrage. One user, Swampb0y69, posted: “Ogres are a proud people who have traditionally been oppressed by Euro-Settlers. Having Shrek played by a white man is unacceptable! #OscarsSoWhite #WhyNotGreen?” Another user, GreenMachine92, posted: “Not in my swamp! #GreenIsBeautiful.” Mike Myers, the actor playing Shrek, has released a statement saying his casting was the studios decision and he won’t be working with Dreamworks USA in the future. Shrek  is due to be released this year and is expected to do well at the box office domestically but it is safe to assume there will be low attendance at theaters located under bridges or in Swamps.