Salt of the Earth Man Lets Dog Lick Inside His Mouth

St. Johns, NL – “I just believe that we’re all the same, you know, we’re all God’s creatures,” said Dave Davidson, as his dog, Sparky, eyed his mouth wistfully. “I’ve had Sparky for 4 years now, I just love this guy!” Right on cue, Sparky jumped onto Dave’s lap and began licking around the exterior and interior of Dave’s mouth. “Hahaha! Did you know dogs have cleaner mouths than humans?” Dave, like many other men who fancy themselves carefree, lovable, or down to earth, thinks that letting his dog violate him in this way is socially acceptable. Dave continued to giggle as Sparky maneuvered his tongue under Dave’s teeth to see if any leftover macaroni was hiding there. When asked if he was aware that Sparky had been seen eating cat shit earlier, Dave informed us that we were being total downers and asked us to leave.

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