Radicalized Trump Supporters Don’t Represent The Majority Of Republicans

Washington, D.C. – “We are sickened by these people and deeply condemn their actions,” said Republican voter, Nathan Trundle. “The Republican party is a party of peace.” Many Republicans are worried that a radical ideology within their party is starting to spread and distort what it means to be a Republican. “We’re not all like this,” said Vera Schneider, “Trump supporters are only a small portion of our base.” Donald Trump and his supporters (“Trumpsters,” as they like to be called) are a radicalized form of the Republican party that has gained prevalence recently. Groups like this often become extreme in times of economic hardship or political instability. While Democrats say it is the responsibility of Republicans to call out members of their own party, Republicans insist Trumpism is very rare and is a product of Western policy.

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