Halloween Firecrackers Frighten Dogs And Home-schooled Children

Salt Spring Island – Police are warning the public about the dangers of firecrackers this Halloween, and reminding everyone that not everybody likes the loud sound they make. Local mother, Whisper Finnegan, disapproves of the use of firecrackers on Halloween, “They are too loud! My children, Josiah, Isaac, Moses, and Agatha, are home-schooled, and they are easily startled by the unnatural sound created by those horrible fire bombs!” Whisper and her husband, Jasper, have been lobbying to get fireworks banned in their neighbourhood ever since they retired and had children. “They are just unnecessary,” said Jasper, “and not nearly as fun as a campfire song.” Many people with home-schooled children will opt to keep them indoors during stressful holidays like Halloween, Canada Day, Christmas, and Saturday, but they are not always safe on their own property. “We’ve had reports of dogs running away from home after hearing a firework discharge,” said constable Sanders, “And this can be an issue because many home-schooled children are afraid of dogs as well.” Sanders advises the public to be aware of how they are using fireworks so that all members of the community will have a fun and safe Halloween.

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