Prisoner of Politeness: Socially Awkward Man Holds Door For 2600 People

Victoria, BC – “I didn’t know how to stop, they just kept coming,” said Marcus Vanderhoot, “I just didn’t know how to smoothly sever my responsibility to that door.” Vanderhoot, a University student, meant to hold the door for just one person at the Bay Centre this past Friday. “But after she had gone through I made eye contact with the next person heading towards the entrance and so the laws of politeness dictated that I must hold it for them as well!” This pattern continued for several more hours. “My arm was getting so tired, but people kept smiling expectantly at me and I couldn’t just stop, it’s not that easy!” After 5 hours Marcus collapsed from exhaustion and was treated for dehydration at Victoria General Hospital. The fear of being awkward or rude resulted in just under 1900 deaths in Victoria last year.

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