New PM Justin Trudeau Already Corrupted By Power

Ottowa, On – “This is all yours now” thought newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. As he slowly walked through his new office, the highest in the land, he contemplated the policies he would enact as PM. He thought of all the good people that voted for his party, but he couldn’t finish his thought, he was distracted by the brand new Dyson fan in the corner by his desk. “Damn, those things are expensive. I really have done pretty well for myself.” He sauntered over to his chair and looked at the military report that had been placed on his desk. His palms started sweating as he began to comprehend the true power that had been bestowed upon him. Three active service ships, nine snowmobiles (one in the shop), enough army personnel to defend P.E.I for up to 6 hours against ANY foreign assault. His head spun as the full realization of his situation began to sink in. He thought about all the things the voters wanted, all the policy that had to be changed! “Why should I?” he thought as he looked in the mirror and meticulously combed his hair into a rock hard grey mat, “Because it is what the people want, it’s what your father would have wanted.” “No!” he hissed as he looked into camera three, “I’m the Prime Minister now, this is Justin’s time!” Deep inside, Justin felt the rise of an absolute control, a power over all life. With one word, he could change the daylight savings time or even sentence a man to life in counseling. He paused by the window as dark clouds gathered over Parliament, a cold wind blew from the north. Suddenly, he felt a strange urge to look into the desk. As he opened the top drawer he noticed a single piece of paper with a neatly written note:

“Can you feel it?” signed, Stephen Harper.

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