Couple Really Misses Man Who Lived In Walls

St. Johns, NL – A local couple has expressed a feeling of melancholy over the loss of their unknown third roommate. “This whole time I thought Sarah knew I loved cashews and she was leaving out a bowl for me when I got home. Turns out, that was Grebnar.” Sighed Dan Scott, unconsciously fondling the crumbling drywall at the edge of the gaping whole left by authorities when they forcibly removed Grebnar from the home last week. “The sound of his scurrying and scratching was so peaceful, I’ll miss falling asleep to that.” said Sarah Henderson. “He’d also been eating all the spiders. Since he’s been gone they’ve come back again. It’s really gross, and doofus over there won’t eat them.” “Some people just aren’t as special as Grebnar!” Shouted Dan from his new favourite hang-out, Grebnar’s nest located in the crawl space directly above their bed. Last reports stated the couple of 4 years have started searching for a new live-in stalker to occupy the surprisingly well structured tunnels that Grebnar had built throughout the house.

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