With The Election Looming, The Feudalism Party of Canada Makes Final Appeal To Nations Peasants

Ottowa, ON – After the public hanging of a heretic, the peasants in the square murmured in anticipation for the arrival of the speaker of their party. Soon enough, Lord Grossier, Steward of the North and Slayer of Taxes, appeared and began to speak. On healthcare he promised to fight the black plague and cut the torture budget to pay for new treatments. On foreign policy he proposed invading Normandy and holding three key castles that are his birthright to claim. To strengthen Canada’s economy he said he is willing to marry Angela Merkel to gain access to the wealth of the Germans and to open trade routes to the riches of the Orient. When a reporter asked about his opinion on gay marriage the unfortunate journalist was hauled off to the dungeon in the parties headquarters. Lord Grossier became the leader of the Feudalism Party of Canada after he won in a duel of single combat against the previous leader Albert Brighton. The Feudalism Party of Canada only holds one seat in Parliament, the one occupied by Lord Grossier, because none of the other house MP’s will challenge him in single combat. In the coming election the FPC will most likely not gain or lose any seats in Parliment and this has been the case for many years. Lord Grossier says that if he is not elected Prime Lord Minister this time he will challenge the new PM to single combat.

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