After Consulting His Family and Pastor, Gerry Wiebling Pulls The Plug On Computer Stuck On Loading Screen.

Seattle, WA – “It was just too hard to see it like that” said Gerry Wiebling through tears. “I know if I was in the same situation it would do the same for me”. Gerry explained he had attempted to update Windows when it seemed like it was taking longer than usual. “Normally it only takes a few minutes but after 3 hours I knew something was wrong.” Unplugging a computer that still displays a readable screen is illegal in Washington State. “The protesters from the church began picketing outside my house, they constantly reminded me that it clearly says on the screen “not do disconnect the power during an update”. I know that, but I also know that behind the screen was a computer that wasn’t itself anymore.” After an emotional meeting, with his family present, Gerry unplugged the computer. He is facing charges of negligence and he will need to re-install his operating system because now his Windows Update is completely fucked.

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