SeaWorld Employee Tired of Waking Up Early to Shave the Whales

Orlando, FL – Every morning, whale trainer George Finsweep woke up at 4am to diligently remove any fur that may have grown on one of SeaWorlds famous Killer Whales. “Not many people know that whales are normally covered with a thick brown fur when they’re in the wild. When we brought them in to SeaWorld we’d make sure they were nice and smooth, it’s just more aesthetically pleasing.” Mr. Finsweep had been training and shaving the whales for over 12 years when last week he decided he’d had enough, “I was tired of how the whales were being treated, most people think it’s because of the small tanks that the whales get upset but really it’s because they love the long, thick fur that covers them normally. I have decided to speak out because, apparently, not many people know that Orcas are naturally very hairy beasts. In fact, they were hunted for their fur in the 1800’s.” Since quitting his job at SeaWorld, Mr. Finsweep has been dedicated to raising awareness about the treatment of the whales at SeaWorld. He also mentioned the stress inflicted on the seals when they glue the whale fur to the seals, who are naturally hairless.

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