BC Changes its Provincial Flower From the Pacific Dogwood to the Raging Forest Fire

Victoria BC– The B.C Legislature reached a controversial decision on Monday, to change the provincial flower from the Pacific Dogwood (a small, white, fragrant shrub) to the Raging Forest Fire (An orange, red, burning hell storm of flame). This decision came as a shock to many Dogwood fans, like Lauren Hooper, who protested the proceedings outside the legislative buildings. “The Pacific Dogwood is part of our heritage in British Columbia, and I don’t think it is appropriate to change what has always represented our province since 1956. When people think of the Pacific Dogwood they think of our beautiful province, and dogs, and wood.” Okanogan MLA, Joe LeMonte, has lobbied for the Raging Forest Fire since late 2011 when he noticed one growing in his neighbourhood. “I felt that the Pacific Dogwood had represented our province well for a long time but the Raging Forest Fire has really become a symbol of what B.C has in its future, it simply cannot be contained. Most of the Pacific Dogwoods have been consumed by Raging Forest Fires and as they have become more prevalent in the region I feel they better represent B.C.” The Pacific Dogwood or Cornus nuttallii can be found from the northern coast of British Columbia to southern California and Idaho. The Dogwood blooms in winter with red berries. The Raging Forest fire can be found wherever there is a forest and blooms during the summer months. Although the Raging Forest Fire is a native species in BC, it is illegal to purposefully or accidentally plant one. Raging Forest Fires are luminous and beautiful but can be dangerous as they are lethal if eaten.

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