Man Wealthy Enough To Be A Rower Offered Full Scholarship

Vermont – “I’m just so grateful,” said Jonathan Aldridge, upon hearing the news he was to have his Stanford education paid for, “It really shows what you can achieve if you work hard.” Mr. Aldridge will be joining the Stanford rowing team in the fall and says he couldn’t have done it without the help of his parents. “Father paid for my private school tuition and it was there that I learned how to be yelled at and pull on an oar a bunch. When I wasn’t at school my whole family would pile into the Land Rover and go on long drives to whichever regatta I was competing in.” Mr. Aldridge’s scholarship is worth $200,000 which is something his family could afford, but not easily. Stanford University says it looks forward to having Mr. Aldrige on their team and hopes he’s ready to pull on a stick real hard exactly when he’s told to, like the true athlete he is.

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