Woman’s Classical Music Ringtone Reflects Her Deep Appreciation For The Genre

Vancouver, B.C. – “I just love that song For Elise, it’s super beautiful.” said Amy Jankle, “I think Beethoven wrote it because Salieri hated Mozart or something.” Amy has had many other ring tones in the past that she has also enjoyed, including Vivaldi’s Springtime from The Four Seasons and Chopin’s The Minute Waltz. “I like that kind of music because, like, I’m weirdly smart. Like, people not might think I am because I say dumb stuff but I like Mozart and Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata is a nice song.” When asked about what kind of music she listens to at home Amy replied, “Well, I like classical on in the the background and stuff when I am doing my Biochemistry homework but when I want to listen to real music I listen to Taylor Swift.”

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