“Insane Car Crash Compilation 2015 #3” Is Favourite To Win Best Picture

“It Is Just One Of Those Films That Sticks With You.” Writes Bob Malon, of the New York Times, “After it’s over, you just cry.” This years academy awards seem to be overshadowed by director BestVinesCompliationandCrazyCrash69’s masterwork Insane Car Crash Compilation 2015 #3. Hailed as the best of the 7 similar films Mr. BestVines has completed in his short career, Critic Jan Eisenberg thinks the movie will sweep like it did at the golden globes. “It is an emotional roller coaster that takes you from the peaceful calm of a Russian highway to the incredible violence of a Russian highway. It really raises awareness of the car accident epidemic in Russia, something the media seems to ignore.” On Sunday, February 28th, Chris Rock will host the 88th Academy Awards.

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