Trump Is Living Proof That If You Work Hard You Can Be Born Rich

The Greatest thing about the United States of America is the freedom to be whatever you want to be. Nobody took advantage of this privilege like Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump was born in a poor immigrant community in 1949, and during his childhood he felt the pang of starvation as his family struggled to make enough money to survive. Trump didn’t let his situation discourage him, however, and he studied hard in school. After achieving an academic scholarship he attended Harvard business school where he met several colleagues with whom he would start Trump real estate. After considerable financial success Mr. Trump was taken to Plymouth rock where the ceremony of wealth commenced. The founding fathers of America, clothed in the constitution, stripped Donald naked and drowned him in the sea. The next day he was reborn as the son of real estate magnate, Fredrick Trump, thus assuring his wealth for eternity. “Being born rich isn’t something you are born with, it’s something you earn” – Donald J. Trump


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