Woman Revels In The Company Of Her Talentless Artist Friends

Vancouver, BC – “I love my friends, they’re so creative!” said Wendy Schlepp, a barista, “They are so much fun and they’re such incredible artists.” Wendy’s friend, Tyler, works at a brewery but he also makes terrible sculptures out of driftwood. “Oh my god I love Tyler! I’m so inspired by his creations, they’re so natural and yeah!” Her other friend, Kylar, doesn’t work but knows 6 chords on the ukulele. His parents made 1.5 million dollars last year. “Kylar is the best! His music is so heartfelt and his voice is so nice oh my god I love him!” Fred, her best friend, teaches African drumming and weaves smelly tapestries out of seaweed. “She is just so cool! I wish I was half as talented as her. I can’t believe I get to hang out with these people, they are so amazing! I feel like I’m part of an incredible arts scene, like in Paris at the turn of the century. But instead of Monet, Debussy, and Renoir, it’s Tyler, Kylar, and Fred. I hope they remember me when they’re famous!”

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