Man With Powerful Flight Simulator Is Fine With Being Single During The Holidays

Barry Johnson can’t see all your shitty Christmas couple pictures because he’s busy landing an Airbus A380 in Dubai.”Every year around Christmas, people gather with their families and love ones, but I need to stay here and make sure all those people get to where they need to go!” Over the impressive roar of the aircraft’s engines, we asked Barry if he ever felt lonely during the holidays, “Pardon me?” He said, “I’m a little busy right now, you might have to come back later.” As he skillfully brought the plane down lightly onto the tarmac, he couldn’t stop smiling. “Lonely?” he said again, once the Airbus was fully stopped and being refueled, “How many people do you know are in a relationship?” He asked, “How many people do you know have a fully operational flight control panel with force feedback, multi display, and a real captains chair from a 707?” Barry started to grin, and as he throttled up for take off he said over his shoulder, “I didn’t think so.”

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