79% of Children Would Rather Have Christmas at Mom’s House

A New Study shows that more than 79% of children prefer mom’s house during the holidays. “Mom has a way nicer house,” said James, 9, “And I always get lots of presents from Doug, my stepdad.” Many children base their decisions on the number of presents they will receive, the quality of the food, and the limited number of encounters with dad’s weird girlfriend. “She smells like Febreze,” said James. Some kids do, however, choose to spend Christmas with their father because of overwhelming sympathy and guilt. “I’m all he has,” said Tyler Blemkin, 12, “He’s such a fucking sad sack, I just can’t stand saying ‘no’ to the man.” Even though the decision can be tough, most kids are glad they are lucky enough to have two Christmases. Some kids only  have one.

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