Cellphone Interrupts DJ’s Performance At Carnegie Hall

New York City, NY – Last night a performance by DJ $hit$nax was interrupted repeatedly by a patron’s mobile device. The first incident was disruptive, but largely ignored – a mark of Mr. $hit$nax’s professionalism. However, after the third disruption, the performance was halted by $hit$nax, and the perpetrator was escorted out under a storm of boos. “It was just awful. Shameful. No respect for the music. Is this the time in which we live?” Sharon Smith, an audience member, remarked. “Just as we were reaching a point of emotional climax, as the performer and audience were one, as the music was singing to our very souls, that disrespectful trollop answered his ringing cellphone! Inexcusable.” $hit$nax’s DJ skillz have been heralded worldwide by many other great DJs. There is no doubt that his music will be studied and cherished for hundreds of years after he ceases to mix tracks.

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