Airline Captain Can’t Remember That Thing He Was Supposed To Do

Halifax, NS – “I just have this weird feeling I forgot to do that thing before takeoff,” said Captain Charles Luftwinger. “I think it rhymes with “engine””. About 40 minutes into the flight, the copilot mentioned something about the elevator flaps, which jostled the Captains memory, “Jeeze, it’s just one of those days!” The Captain is apparently notorious for forgetting things, “I’m not really a morning person, sometimes I’ll accidentally put orange juice in my coffee instead of milk, or I’ll forget to calibrate the altimeter.” Captain Luftwinger and his copilot shared a laugh over a past occasion when the Captain had put his shirt on inside-out by accident. “I had worn it like that all day,” he chuckled, “I can be so forgetful sometimes”. Still unable to remember the thing, Captain Luftwinger carried on with his duties as he was pretty sure it wasn’t a very important thing.

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