Old Lady With 1 Walking Stick Easily Overtaken By Old Lady With 2 Walking Sticks

Victoria, B.C. – “It wasn’t even a contest,” said Gloria Upright, “my dual carbon fiber  Klondike hiker 300SX walking sticks are the way of the future. I should really wear a seat belt when I fire these puppies up.” Agatha Norbrook, with her one stick, feels that walking is a pleasure and not a race, “I was just on my way to get some milk when one of those 60 year old youngsters blew past me on the street! It isn’t safe you know, I’m one fall away from the grave. I just don’t see the point in 2 sticks, I’ve used the same stick for 50 years.” Despite what she said, Agatha was clearly annoyed by her competition. On Sunday, after church, Agatha was seen with 3 walking sticks of the latest model. She passed Gloria with ease but then lost control and careened into a telephone pole at approximately 11 kilometers per hour.

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