Tense Class Of 1st Graders Waiting For Classmate To Say “Underwear” Again

“Oh Boy,” whispered Zak Monte, “Danny has his hand up again, if he says the capitol of Manitoba is underwear I’m going to explode.” Only 3 minutes previously, Daniel Smithers had raised his hand to answer the question “What is the capital city of Nunavut” with the word “Underwear.” The class erupted in waves of uncontrollable laughter. “It’s just,” said Stacy Wenn, “It’s just preposterous to imagine the funniest piece of clothing being a capital city. Where would people park? Anyway, I think he’s going to say it again and I might lose my shit.” As the tension grew unbearable, and nobody else had raised their hand, the teacher pointed to Danny, “Danny, do you know the answer? It better not be underwear.” The class has never recovered.

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