Dying Man Leaves All His Saved Games To His Only Son

Vancouver General Hospital – “I know I wasn’t always around for you, son. Here’s the reason why,” said Craig Blumph as he handed a portable hard drive to his son with trembling hands. “It took me a long time to loot and craft all that gear in Fallout 4, but I’m not going to be around to finish the game, so I want you to do it.” Then Craig took a deep breath and handed his son a flash drive. “And in case that doesn’t work, I have a copy of my saved games and login info for M3gaSwag69 on here as well. Please find out what happens at the end of Bioshock for me.” Craig pulled his son closer, “You must complete these games for me, promise me you will!” Craig’s son, Ken, looked up at his father. He realized that Craig, who had been absent most of his life, was not the man he thought he knew. Craig wasn’t always at work, he wasn’t getting drunk at the bar, he was doing something that mattered. He was level grinding in video games so that his son wouldn’t have to. He was leaving a throne onto which his son could ascend. “I promise,” said Ken.

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